St. Mary’s Academy School Board shall have as its primary concern the ministry of Catholic school education: the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development of the students.

The Consultative School Board is established to assist the Principal and ultimately the Pastor by providing advice and counsel in the following areas:

1. Strategic Planning:
To assist in formulating strategic goals for the long-term direction of the school.

2. Policy Formulation:
To provide advice and counsel with regard to policies in areas determined by the Pastor and Principal.

3. Financial Planning and Financial Management:
To provide advice and counsel with regard to long-range financial planning, annual budget development, budget monitoring and financial reporting.

The Consultative School Board has no authority for formulating policies separate from the Pastor and Principal.

School Board Members

Jonathan Besse
Father Christopher “CJ” Waitekus
Joan MacDonald

Mary Beth Bergeron
Brenda Bouvier
Andrea Cataldo
Karen Chadwell
Joanne Denver
Phil DiPietro
Kimberly Kennison
Michelle LaVallee
Bronwyn Monahan
Joseph Monahan
Kelly Reyngold
Jim Rooney
Rick Wiatrowski